German Shepherd Training


Our Approach to Training:
Identify the problem
Find a solution
Educate the client



We believe in a combination of motivation and compulsion.
We believe the client must understand his/her dog’s behavior.
We believe in educating the client in how to work with his/her dog.
We believe dogs must know and follow a hierarchy.
We believe the owners must be the leaders.


Like children, dogs should possess a foundation of understanding. This means they need to know how to deal with control, obedience and privileges.

They need to respect others and learn to love and understand the family they share a home with.

They need to learn what is unacceptable and that there is a consequence for breaking the rules.

And finally, they need to be rewarded with kindness and love for being a wonderful pet.


Our philosophy towards training may be seen as strict, but the truth is- fairness, consistency and kindness are what we demand.

Our approach is to establish a foundation, teach the owners, and follow up with supervision.


If you want results – not talk – come to us!


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