Aisha Slovraj – One of our best VIP German Shepherd Female imports


Date of Birth: February 10, 2012
Price: Please call to discuss. Shipping or personal delivery available

NOTE: Aisha is a phenomenal Czech import German Shepherd female. She is a strong (bone structure) body build, with big perfectly shaped symmetrical head and beautiful dark brown eyes.

X Rays: HD, ED 0/0 (official)

Breed survey: 5X1/P, Kkl.1

Titles: BH, IPO3 (IPO1-94, 97, 92, IPO2-93, 96, 95, IPO3-95, 98, 84)!!!  




Aisha Slovraj is a phenomenal Czech import German Shepherd female! She is very strong (bone structure) body build, with big –  perfectly shaped – symmetrical head and beautiful dark brown eyes. As a dog, she is very nice, social and friendly, highly trained (all off leash-no shock collar used), loyal and always ready to please her handler. At all times enjoys company of kids and people in general.

Aisha is perfectly house trained and crate trained (in very positive way- not as a punishment); loves to fetch, swim, go for walks or running, excellent hiking partner, etc. She is simply an excellent personal canine companion!

As far as this dog’s drives, she is flawless. Aisha has an awesome ball, food, hunt and prey drive what makes training and practicing very easy and enjoyable! Her bite work is also over the top (super fast, strong and solid bites – no hesitation), yet this dog is not nervous by any means.

All this being said, Aisha can be taken right away to National level completion (with experienced handler) and she will score high! At the same time, Aisha will make an awesome Personal/Family protection dog!

On top of all of that, Aisha has her breed survey done and so she also can be used as TOP breeding dog!

Simply out, this dog has (almost) endless list of use and will make her new owner(s) VERY proud!

Please read our articles throughout our website, watch her videos and then feel free to call with additional questions or discuss!

Shipping or personal delivery available.

Thank you, Peter (303-249-3115).




Breed Survey

Obedience – 2014



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