GSD males

Name: Vigo



Breed: GSD males

Description: Name: Vigo z Tresnaku

DOB:October 3, 2014

X-rays: HD, ED 0/0 (official)

Titles: BH, ZVV1

Pedigree: Click here

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Obedience: Click here

Bite work (protection): Click here

Vigo is an awesome young dark sable Czech (import) GSD male. He’s got perfectly proportioned, solid bone, body structure, big square head and amber color eyes!

Vigo is nice social and friendly clear headed dog with perfectly balanced personality, awesome drives and good manners. He’s house friendly, crate trained (in very positive way-crate never used as punishment), dog friendly, very easy going, loves kids, etc.-simply flawless dog!

As far as training goes, he’s very solid, consistently trained dog with great (prey, food, ball & hunt) drives, which makes him excellent prospect for numerous diverse purposes of use (anywhere from perfect home-family companion/protection dog, Police dual purpose, SAR and lot more).

There is way too much to be said, so please watch his videos, read articles on our website and feel free to call with additional questions. Thank you, Peter (303-249-3115)

Price (firm): $9,000. Shipping available.

Price: $9,000.00

Name: Ari



Breed: GSD males

Description: Name: Ari

DOB: October 24, 2013

X-rays: HD, ED 0/0 (official)

Titles: BH (in training-will be IPO3 when finished)!

Pedigree: click here


Obedience: click here

Protection: click here

Socialization: click here

Ari is VERY talented young, social and friendly solid black GSD male with tons of potential! He’s got beautiful (perfectly proportioned) body and perfectly shaped head with very dark eyes. Ari loves car rides (crate trained), water (swim), walks and play out in the field with kids, etc. He also has been 100% socialized and has no flaws-environmentally sound (no problem with floors, stairs, busy streets, etc.), other dogs/animal friendly (unprovoked), house friendly!

Ari is very solid dog with excellent personality, strong nerves and great working attitude ( drive), always focused, willing to do anything to please his handler! He loves both food and toy, so it is very easy to work with him. In protection (bite work), Ari is very fast, comes strong, full grip and holds tight, absolutely no hesitation! Ari could be used for top sport and Personal protection/family companion.

As far as Personal protection, we can CUSTOM train dog up to your needs and desires.

Ari is being trained to obtain his BH and IPO1-3 and so it would be up to you (future owner) if you would like to have us to finish training and all the titling or he can be sold “as is”.

Please feel free to all with additional questions. Thank you. Peter (303-249-3115)

Price (firm):$ 9,500. Shipping and/or personal delivery available.

Price: $9,500.00

Name: Speedy



Breed: GSD males

Description: Name: Speedy Vikar

DOB: October 16, 2014

X-rays: HD, ED 0/0

Pedigree: click here


Obedience (13m.o.): click here

Ball drive/Obedience (13m.o.): click here

Protection (bite work) practice: click here

Socialization and street walk (13m.o.):click here

Speedy is a young, yet very talented Czech import GSD male. He is nice, social and friendly dog with great personality and solid temperament, beautiful body structure, perfectly shaped head and gorgeous amber eyes! I’d like to also mention that he loves car rides, enjoys his crate, house friendly, environmentally sound and simply, Speedy is an awesome and flawless young dog.

Speedy has very solid foundations and has been constantly trained, so with proper approach, this dog can be used for variety of different things such as Personal protection, Family protection and companion, Sport (Schutzhund, Ring, etc.) Speedy has very interesting (strong) working line GSD pedigree and so I would recommend him for breeding program as well!

Please, watch his videos (approx.13monts of age), read my articles on our website and feel free to call with additional questions please. Thank you. Peter (303-249-3115)

Price (firm): $8,000. Shipping available (additional cost-approx. $700 within US)

Price: $8,000.00

Name: Boston



Breed: GSD males

Description: Name: Boston

DOB: June 13, 2014

X-rays: HD, ED 0/0

Titles: BH, ZVV1 (in training- trialing summer 2016)

Pedigree: click here


Protection(bites) : click here

Obedience: click here

Boston is a big, strong bone structured Czech import GSD with nice and big square head (typical for Czech dogs) and dark brown eyes. He is very nice, friendly and social dog.

Because he was raised in family environment, Boston is perfectly behaved, clean (in the house), understands the fact that being home means no running and playing crazy, being gentle and all the family stuff. He sure loves kids, enjoys walks, playing in the water, car rides and more. Boston is fully house trained, crate trained (very positive way), no separation anxiety, simply great dog even for unexperienced handler (can be easily handled by woman or kid).

Boston’s drives are great; awesome ball and food drive which makes training very easy, great focus (both handler and the task). Thanks to his great personality, his bite work is also flawless, without hesitation, strong and solid grips, mot nervy at all-which that is what makes him very safe around little kids, etc.

Boston is a kind of dog that will make an awesome, reliable and loyal companion but at the same time, if the situation will call for it, you sure don’t have to be worried about your safety…

We are in the process of getting him ready to be titled (late spring, early summer 2016), so the price is including that. However, he is available for immediate delivery (if desired)..

Feel free to call with additional questions or requests (please, read my articles on our website and watch his videos, etc.). Thank you, Peter (303-249-3115).

Price (firm): $9,500. Shipping or personal deliver available.

Price: $9,500.00

Name: Baltazar



Breed: GSD males

Description: Description: Name: Baltazar

DOB: August 11, 2014

X-rays: HD, ED 0/0

Titles: BH, IPO1

More Pictures: Click here


Obedience(March 24,2016): Click here

Protection-bite work (March24,2016): Click here

Ball drive/play and interaction with other dogs: Click here

Baltazar is a solid black, social and friendly young Czech import GSD with solid built body, perfectly shaped big head and charcoal eyes! Baltazar is VERY talented young dog (highly trained already) with ton of drive (excellent prey/hunt drive), amazing ON/OFF switch, clear head (not snappy or nervous), perfectly focused all times, and high endurance!

Baltazar has great personality, loves kids, car rides, crate trained (positive approach only), enjoys water, house trained, environmentally sound (absolutely no problem with various surfaces, stairs, dark places, etc.), animal friendly and more. He can be easily handled even by unexperienced handler (even though we do not use shock collar)

Baltazar will make an awesome family protection or executive personal protection dog but can be also trained to become a Police dual purpose, SAR, etc.

However, upon agreement, we will train him up to your requirements.

If desired, I believe that with proper approach and continuous training, Baltazar could be easily TOP sport dog!

Also, thanks to his perfect body structure, excellent health condition and very nice pedigree, I’d highly recommend him to be used as a stud dog.

Well, feel free to call for any additional info please. Thank you, Peter (303-249-3115)

Price (firm): $12,000after titling. Shipping and personal delivery is available (additional cost).

Price: $12,000.00


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