GSD males

Name: Speedy



Breed: GSD males

Description: Name: Speedy Vikar

DOB: October 16, 2014

X-rays: HD, ED 0/0

Pedigree: click here


Obedience (13m.o.): click here

Ball drive/Obedience (13m.o.): click here

Protection (bite work) practice: click here

Socialization and street walk (13m.o.):click here

Speedy is a young, yet very talented Czech import GSD male. He is nice, social and friendly dog with great personality and solid temperament, beautiful body structure, perfectly shaped head and gorgeous amber eyes! I’d like to also mention that he loves car rides, enjoys his crate, house friendly, environmentally sound and simply, Speedy is an awesome and flawless young dog.

Speedy has very solid foundations and has been constantly trained, so with proper approach, this dog can be used for variety of different things such as Personal protection, Family protection and companion, Sport (Schutzhund, Ring, etc.) Speedy has very interesting (strong) working line GSD pedigree and so I would recommend him for breeding program as well!

Please, watch his videos (approx.13monts of age), read my articles on our website and feel free to call with additional questions please. Thank you. Peter (303-249-3115)

Price (firm): $8,000. Shipping available (additional cost-approx. $700 within US)

Price: $8,000.00

Name: TOP dog Peron!



Breed: GSD males

Description: Name: Peron z Tresnaku

DOB: July 14, 2012

X-rays: HD, ED 0/0

Titles: BH, ZVV1, IPO3 (280pts.)

Pedigree: click here


Obedience: click here

Socialization: click here

Indoor Obedience, dog socialization, environmental soundness: click here

Retrieve, dumb bell (sport): click here

Protection (bite work) part 1: click here

Protection (bite work) part 2: click here

Tactical healing: click here

Playing in water/swimming: click here

Peron is an amazing Czech import (our breeding program) male GSD! He’s got beautiful, perfectly proportioned body, very dark and rich sable coat, nice big and square head and dark brown eyes!

Peron is very nice, social and friendly, raised in house with kids, so that makes him very reliable…He loves to work (watch videos please), also enjoys car rides, playing in the water, crate trained, house trained and (almost) everything else you can think of!

Thanks to consistent training and his solid personality, awesome drives, Peron is a dog capable of various ways of using him from being perfectly loyal Companion and protection dog, TOP sport competitor, great Stud dog to Police dual purpose dog…

Please, feel free to call with additional questions. Thank you, Peter (303-249-3115)

Price (firm): $18,000. Shipping and personal delivery available.

Title scoring:

ZM: A-48, B-45, C-47

ZVV1: A-97, B-96, C-84

IPO1: A-100, B-94, C-80

IPO2: A-99, B-98, C-85

IPO3: A-98, B-95, C-87

Price: $18,000.00

Name: Credo



Breed: GSD males

Description: Name: Credo

DOB: March 16, 2014

X-rays: HD, ED 0/0 (official)

Pedigree: Click here

More pictures: Click here

Video: Click here

Credo is a beautiful very dark sable (with almost black overcoat) Czech import GSD male with perfectly shaped and proportioned body and gorgeous big square head and charcoal brown (dark) eyes!

He is very nice, friendly and social dog, which loves people, car rides, playing in the water and snow just as much as he loves to play with kids, other dogs… Credo is fully house trained, crate trained, well behaved, environmentally sound…simply dog with no flaws that can be handled even completely unexperienced handler (as long as you follow our instructions;-))!

Credo is nicely trained, very loyal and friendly, yet he comes with pretty solid Protection training, so he’ll perfectly fit as a Family companion/protection dog.

If you were trying to get a good breeding couple or great buddies, I’d highly recommend the female dog that can be seen in pictures. Her name is Bonnie z Draciho udoli and she is listed on our website (in dogs for sale/females)

Well, please read articles on our website and feel free to call with any additional questions or to discuss. Thank you, Peter (303-249-3115).

Price(firm): $8,800. Shipping or personal delivery available.

Price: $8,800.00


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