Piko – One of our best German shepherd stud dogs


Date of Birth: September 13, 2011
Price: Available upon request . Shipping or personal delivery available (at additional cost)

X-rays: HD1/1, ED 0/0 (official)

Titles: BH (IPO titles upon request)



Please note Piko is currently available only as a stud dog. Due to his excellent development and intelligence qualities, the price would be discussed only on a case by case basis.

Piko is a solid jet black, very friendly and social Czech German Shepherd Dog with excellent temperament and winning personality. He has beautiful, perfectly proportioned strong boned body, big head and very dark amber eyes. As confirmed by our latest set of X-Ray images, he is in excellent physical condition.

Piko was raised in family with children in the city environment, and so that being said has no issues whatsoever with children and people in general. Piko does not provoke fights and/or bother other animals, have no problem with various surfaces, elevators, escalators, slippery floors, etc. (environmentally sound). Piko is very highly trained (any additional titles can be done upon request), perfectly reliable, loyal dog which can be handled by relatively inexperienced handler without any difficulties.

Feel free to call with any questions or to discuss your situation/needs.

Thank you, Peter (303-249-3115).






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