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Why should you get a dog from another country? Well, that’s a good question, and we have some answers for you! First of all, Europe, has “controlled breeding”, which means that every breeder must be registered and all their dogs (studs and bitches) must be approved by FCI (International Kynology Federation). Under this approval, you’ll find highly trained working dogs! Please, note that we are conducting a serious business and therefore we are training only dogs that have no mental or physical defects. They are all very social (no problem with another animals, kids, etc.) and in perfect health condition (no missing teeth, dysplasia, etc.). Some of these dogs are still in Czech Republic or Slovakia, and it may take several days to have the desired dog delivered to your place or to us for further training. We hope you can find a dog that you’re looking for here and if not, please contact us with your inquire. We will work hard to get you a dog you want, or will train one for you!

A breeding program is not about getting two nice dogs together (even imported from Europe) and thinking by mating these, you will produce quality puppies that can be sold for a profit! NO, it takes a long time and very strict rules to come up with a good blood line cross, one that will produce pups which will have a good personality, be willing to learn, not be aggressive or oversized (this is a big deal with some US breeds, which can more likely cause joint problems, such as Dysplasia or Arthritis), or mutated in any other way (again, poor breeding will cause missing teeth, undeveloped parts of the body, etc.).

Such defects can be seen on some US bred dogs, where breeders don’t even know about such things due to their lack of research and vision of easy made money. We always tell our clients, that getting a dog is not an investment but a lifelong commitment, and the dog must be considered as part of the family, regardless of your further use of him/her. But if you’ve truly decided to get a four legged friend, that you can count on and grow together with you came to the right place!

We have several programs that we can offer to you. You can simply find a puppy or dog that you like, or we can get you a puppy or dog to fit your requirements, or you can purchase a puppy from us and we’ll raise and train him to your specific requirements! Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we hope you enjoy these sweet creatures!

Please contact us with your specific requirements:

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