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Dog Training & Obedience management programs. Whether you choose Individual of Group sessions for basic skills, advanced specialized training, or behavioral consultation, we have a training schedule to meet your needs. Our positive reinforcement methods will work with your dog’s natural desire to please you.  Basic pricing schedule is available here.

Please contact us at 303-249-3115 or via our contact page with any questions.


Individual sessions allow your dog to learn in his/her natural environment free from the distraction of other dogs. It also allows for you and your dog to receive individualized attention from an expert.


Please click on the link below to learn more about the options included in each group session, existing schedule and openings.

  • Puppy Class
  • Basic Obedience
  • Advanced Obedience

We at K-9 Specialists welcome so called “problem” dogs.


Puppy Class
In a friendly group setting, we will teach you and your puppy basic commands such as: COME, SIT, DOWN (LAY),and  STAY- all on a leash. Please bring the following items to the first class:• Vaccination records
• Buckle collar
• 4-6′ leash
• Toys
• Soft treats (like cheese)

Basic Obedience

A group setting is recommended for dogs at least 8 months old. We will teach and practice with you and your dog basic obedience commands such as: COME, SIT, DOWN (LAY), STAY, and HEEL – all on a leash.

Please bring the following items to the first class:

• Vaccination records
• Buckle collar
• 4-6′ leash
• Toys
• Soft treats (like cheese)

Advanced Obedience

All off-leash training is available for dogs at least 1 year old. Prior to attending our Advanced Obedienc class, your dog must have completed Basic Obedience training or must be able to meet the trainer’s criteria. Your dog must be manageable with no behavior problems and must pass an evaluation prior to enrollment.

We will teach your dog commands such as: SIT, DOWN (LAY), HEEL, RECALL, and DOWN IN MOTION.


At K-9, we take great pride in our dog training programs which consist of obedience training and protection training.

Courses range from 4-12 weeks depending on the level of competency you require.

We can offer tailor-made training programs based on your requirements.


Basic Pricing – Summer and Fall Season


Please remember no dog or puppy is the same. As such, these prices are only an estimate , and  we will work with you to provide the best pricing option to meet your needs.

Please call us for details

Service Estimated Cost
Puppy Class $250
Basic Obedience $250
Advanced Obedience $600
Competition Tracking $750(and up)
Search and Rescue Tracking $750(and up)
Protection Services $2,000 (and up)
Police/Law Enforcement $2,000 (and up)
Custom Concepts Please call


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