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All dogs have a level of natural aggression, prey drive, which is used in protection training. Some dogs have a naturally high prey drive and are easier to work with (mostly working dogs), and some are “calmer” and don’t have as high a prey drive. With such dogs, it takes longer to work him out. Then, unfortunately, there are dogs, who have such low self confidence, mental imbalance or other issues it makes such training extremely difficult or in some cases impossible.  

Also, many people think that Protection Dogs are AGGRESSIVE or VICIOUS. This is not the truth! Well-trained protection dogs are just as cool as any other dog. Prey drive, combined with the high level of confidence achieved through obedience training, will result in a well-trained protection dog. 

The foundation of the whole protection training philosophy is a perfectly balanced personality, so the dog recognizes the state of potential DANGER from regular human behavior (i.e. he won’t attack people playing football, riding a bicycle, etc., thinking that they are his prey running away!) Also, a well-trained Protection Dog will play with you just like any other pet dog, when he’s not “on duty”, however, once given a command by his handler, he’ll go and must obey without hesitation.


Protection Training Options


There are a few different options for Protection training, but mostly, it is very individualized due to people’s diverse requirements. We can help you to choose the right option after a consultation. So, please, call us or send us an email with your specific case and we’ll take good care of you.


Personal Protection Dog Training
Basic Trained Family Protection Dog- Level 1 (obey, protection) $2,500
Executive Personal Protection Dog – Level 2
(obey, protection)
Executive Business Family and Personal Protection Dog – Level 3
(obey, protection)
  • All dogs should have the necessary drive and  balance to be able to complete our training programs. If the dog does not have the right temperament, there will be an additional charge of $100.00 per week until the dog is balanced enough to continue the training program.
  • All dogs entering into Schutzhund should have a score book, tattoo, and A.K.C. papers or foreign pedigree. To save time and money, we suggest sending us a video, so we may evaluate the dog.

Please note: All dogs will be evaluated before any charges- this does not include shipping/receiving before dog is shipped back.

Contact us to discuss your options:

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