Vickin’ (also known as Viky z Tresnaku) is one of our most committed Police work ready dogs 


Date of Birth: October 3, 2014
Price: $9,900 (Firm). Shipping or personal delivery available


NOTE: Vickin’ is a beautiful very dark sable Czech import German Shepherd male. He is a perfectly proportioned german shepherd dog with large square head and piercing dark brown eyes.

X Rays: HD, ED 0/0 (official)

Breed survey: 5X1/P, Kkl.1

Titles: ZVV1  

PedigreePedigree Database




Vickin’ (also known as Viky z Tresnaku) is Police work ready beautiful very dark sable Czech import German Shepherd male! He is perfectly proportioned (big bone body structure) german shepherd dog with large square head and dark brown eyes.

Vickin’ is very nice, friendly and social dog with no flaws! He underwent extensive training (beautiful obedience), has ton of positive drive and will to please his owner. He is kids friendly, house friendly, crate trained (positive-no punishment use), loves to swim and hike…

Even though Vickin’ is considered working dog, he’s got very nice ON/OFF switch so when home, he’s just nice calm companion.

Vickin’ can be used as Personal Protection dog and/or Police dual purpose dog.

Vickin’ also will be great breeding dog (thanks to his awesome pedigree). For those who love to work with dogs, Vickin’ is a dog with ton of potential (awesome drives-prey, hunt and fight), his bite work is amazing (solid and strong bites, no hesitation – perfectly clear headed).

Please feel free to call with additional questions (after reading our articles and watching videos). 

Price (firm): $9,900. Shipping and personal delivery available.


Thank you, Peter (303-249-3115).







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