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Best German Shepherds


This page is dedicated to the best of the best of what German Shepherd breed can offer. A combination of strong legacy pedigree, optimal development environment and the best in class habit forming training allow us to select only few dogs that are included in the category.

Our V.I.P. page and dogs listed here are dedicated to the best we have to offer. These beautiful dogs are all imported from The Czech Republic and are positively some of the best German shepherds currently in the USA. They come with extensive amount of training. However, to make it even better, we offer additional training to these dogs upon request (tricks; roll, play dead, turn lights on/off, bring newspapers, etc.).

Some clients may need special assistance and yes, we can train dogs to company people in wheel chairs, etc. Clients are welcome to come out here to our facility in Colorado, where we will gladly demonstrate dog to them as well as we can deliver dog in person and provide our clients lessons of how to work with these dogs. We also provide onsite training (home invasion, carjacking, etc.)

Please see below our available VIP German Shepherds

Aisha_VIP German shepherd dog

Aisha Slovraj | VIP German Shepherds | 

Aisha Slovraj is a phenomenal Czech import German Shepherd female! She is very strong (bone structure) body build, with big –  perfectly shaped – symmetrical head and beautiful dark brown eyes. 

Simply put, this dog has (almost) endless list of use and will make her new owner(s) VERY proud!


Peron_VIP German shepherd dog

Peron | VIP German Shepherds | K-9 

Peron is an amazing Czech import (our own breeding program and curriculum overseas) male German Shepherd Dog! He has truly beautiful, perfectly proportioned body, very dark and rich sable coat, nice big and square head and piercing dark brown eyes! 

Thanks to his consistent training and well developed personality with awesome drives, Peron is a dog capable of various tasks needed from him being perfectly loyal Companion and protection dog.

Please call Petr at 303-249-3115 to discuss details.

EROS_VIP German shepherd dog

Eros de Dagnik | VIP German Shepherds | |

Eros is very solid, strong bone structured black Slovak import German Shepherd male!

This is very serious dog, yet safe around people, kids, dogs and community if properly handled. He never provokes fights, ignores other dogs and animals so YES, you can take him to town, parks, anywhere you want to. NOTE: EROS IS MANAGEABLE ONLY BY HIGHLY EXPERIENCED HANDLER/OWNER!


Please email Petr at should you have any questions or if you want to be notified as soon as our new VIPs are available.

Best regards,


Your team


Please note:

Our training philosophy is based on “positive reinforcement”, so unlike most of some other  “high dollar dog companies” who train their dogs by heavy use of shock collar and heavy physical compulsion to make them look good, we spend extra time and effort to actually motivate the dog to work with us. And it pays off. Please, think about it before you get a dog from these so called trainers..What are you going to do when that magical little box (remote control) will malfunction? How will you be able to control your dog then when gets into a fight or simply run away ? In these cases, all that cool image and control over your dog will be gone as will be your dog; as opposed to a dog trained by motivation and positive rewarding will always want to obey and listen to you when you call his name…


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