VIP Norick from Vojanka – our best German shepherd dog


Date of Birth: August 12, 2012
Please call 303.249.3115 or contact us via the form below to discuss opportunities to use Norick for stud purposes


X-rays: ED (0/0)   HD A 1/1 (official)
Breed survey: 5Y 5/55P  Kkl.1.

Titles: ZM, ZVV1 (99, 95, 93), ZPS1 (99, 96) BH (59), IPO1 (99, 95, 93), IPO2 (100, 95, 88), IPO3 (93, 95, 88)

Show results: VD3

Pedigree: Pedigree Database

Sire: Ax z Kuřimského háje(ZM, BH, IPO3, SchH3, ZVV3, FPr3, ZPU2, IPO-V, ZPS1,FH1), 4x M M ČKNO, Universal winner ČKNO!!!

Dam: Ben – Ju “Bendzi” (BH,SchH2,IPO3)



Norick, one of our best German shepherds, is young, yet HIGHLY trained solid black GSD male with tons of potential to be a stud for your breed! Please note the fact that at age of 2 years, he’s got complete IPO (1-3) with very high scores and some major titles (Czech) on top of that! Norick is very solid dog with high drives (prey, hunt, easy to work with), handler friendly and always ready to work. Norick has very strong, full grip, never hesitates and won’t back away from anything or anyone. At the same time, he’s very clear headed and can manage himself under pressure. His strongest side is tracking – he loves it and never fails! Generally speaking, he is environmentally sound (no problem with floors, stairs, cars, dark rooms, gun fire etc). Thanks to his personality and level of training (as well as the methods used in training), he can be used for TOP sport, Police dual purpose or a Family Executive Protection dog! If interested in breeding, this dog will make you a very proud owner, because you will not find too many dogs like this one (healthy, intact and fertile)!

Norick is very nice, friendly and social dog with excellent personality, beautiful solid body and nice big head and dark eyes!  He is also kids friendly and not aggressive towards to the other dogs (unless provoked), loves car rides, crate trained (happy to be in the crate – in not a “punishment” way), house friendly, enjoys swimming, loves to play in the snow…shortly a perfect dog!

Please, feel free to call with any additional questions.

Thank you, Peter  @ 303-249-3115

Price: SOLD.





Please contact us to learn more about Norick

Our training philosophy is based on “positive reinforcement”, so unlike most of these other  “high dollar dog companies” who train dogs by heavy use of shock collar, heavy physical compulsion etc. to make them dog look good, we spend extra time and efforts to actually motivate the dog to work us. And it pays off. Please, think about it before you’ll get dog from these so called trainers..What are you going to do when that magical little box (remote control) will malfunction? How will you be able to control your dog then when he’ll get in to a fight or simply will run away ? In that case, all that cool image and control over your dog will be gone as will be your dog where dog trained by motivation and positive rewarding will always want to obey and listen to you when you call his name..why? is very simple!

Just like we go to work envisioning making good money, this dog knows that by being  good will get him rewarded..



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