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We love dogs. Thanks for visiting our pages on the web and see some of our friends in their natural strength. View our video introduction below, browse our galleries, comment on our news and come back soon for information about upcoming training sessions, new stories, pictures and comments. If you are interested in the best German shepherd dogs and top quality training, please browse through our site and see what we have to offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us & have a great Spring!

The Latest: 

We are incredibly proud to see our German Shepherds making a difference. Please read a note about Kita, a Lake Hallie (Wisconsin) Police Department and her amazing 101 arrests to date (as of March 23, 2017).

We have continued our development (new kennel property) development (new web site dedicated to this project is coming up soon). The kennel is moving forward: our official licence is here

k-9 Conference in Indiana:

K-9Specialists.com_Petr Spurny_Professional K-9 Trainer license 2017


K-9Specialists.com team (lead by Petr Spurny) will attend the 2017 American Mantrailing Police & Work Dog Association Spring Conference. The  AMPWDA (The American Mantrailing, Police & Work Dog Association) is a leading provider of K9 Training and Certification for Search and Rescue,  LE ( Law Enforcement ), and K9 Enthusiasts.,

 Also don’t forget to visit our photo gallery that documents some of our most beautiful and challenging adventures (click on the link to visit the gallery).

On the parallel path – just as important as our place in the Rockies – will be our commitment to work with war veterans – we will be working closely with veteran’s organizations across the country to help to and honor those who served on our behalf. This project had actually started in the 2013, however it took us time to set everything up and do our work properly. We believe strongly in this initiative – stay tuned for the information about new web site dedicated to our project supporting our veterans.


German Shepherds are appreciated for their intelligence, strength and loyalty. They love to work and often make excellent police and protection dogs. We believe in excellence achieved through diligent training process – that’s why our German Shepherds are valued around the world as police protection dogs, for sniffing out drugs and bombs, and as rescue dogs. They are also great family companion animals, true friends and household protectors.

At K-9 Specialists, our teams are dedicated to work with German Shepherds and other large breed dogs. This focus, determination and specialization allows us to provide our customers with both best breed dogs as well as top, guaranteed training no matter what your need is.

Please visit our Gallery to view snapshots of life with our four legged friends. All our dogs are from the top bloodlines and imported from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Germany. They are in excellent health – we work only with best breeding organizations in selected regions. Each dog is provided with full, verified pedigree documents and x-rays.  Dogs are to be ordered and purchased to meet the client’s specific needs. Therefore further consultation, as well as down payment is needed prior to your order.

Our friends, partners and clients all claim we have provided them with the best German Shepherd they ever had. Don’t take our or their word for it – please contact us and learn for yourself. 

Come back often and let us share the latest about our four-legged German Shepherd friends. We are also re-building are obedience training facility in the beautiful foothills just outside of Denver – follow our story through frequently added images and videos.

K-9Specialists celebrating the Rockies

K-9 Specialists_ Boston 5


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